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PO Box 1082 Attleboro, MA. 02703




EFC is 501c3 nonprofit organization

Explosion FC was launched in the Spring of 2001 By club President Julius Summerville and Club Director Dave Hamel. We have attained HUNDREDS of trophies from tournament and cup play. We have teams playing in the Northeast Soccer League including division one and division 2 teams and are a proud member of United States Youth Futsal. We have professional keeper training weekly. We play all year long and are the premier Futsal Club in Massachusetts.

Our mission is to provide youth with the opportunity to develop soccer skills and to play soccer with quality coaching in a positive environment that promotes good sportsmanship, leadership, character development, personal integrity, and self discipline.

Explosion FC does not depend upon top players developed elsewhere to strengthen their programs success.  EFC believes Each player can be developed to play at at top level in their developmental years, to take them thru their varsity years in High School and to prep them for fantastic college careers if the player and the parent so desire.

EFC is a family organization.  We have many of our players start at very young ages from 8 years and play thru their High School graduation.  Many EFC players come back during and after college to pay it forward!  EFC is the place where your soccer players learn the game the right way, enjoy doing it, get their game to the next level if they choose, and make MANY LIFE LONG FRIENDS ALONG THE WAY!

Explosion FC is a proud sponsor of Nike and use Nike exclusively for all EFC gear.

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